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MTG: Top Ten Reprinted Cards in m14

18 July 2013, Comments: 0

Here are the top ten reprints of m14, in my opinion, mainly with Constructed in mind. (There are quite a few other reprints, which are good in Limited… for example, I wouldn't hesitate to play Serra Angel in a draft. Sadly, Serra is having trouble finding her way into Constructed decks these days, given the power-creep of the last half-decade.) Here we go…


10. Shock

m14 - shock

By itself, it doesn't look like much, but any mono-red ("Red Deck Wins") deck will probably want to run four of these — considering that Lightning Bolt isn't available. Of course, that's assuming that "RDW" can make a comeback, which remains to be seen. Still, instant burn/removal that's cheap should never be under-estimated, even if it's only 2 damage.


9. Opportunity


m14 - opportunity

This may not be a powerhouse right now, given that Sphinx's Revelation is on the whole a stronger choice for control decks (it gets better as you have more mana, plus gives you life). But eventually, that card will rotate out.


8. Jace, Memory Adept

m14 - jace

Is milling 10 cards a turn a good thing? Let's see… it usually wins games in Limited, but it's not terrible as a strategy in Constructed, either, if you're playing Control. Oh, you can't kill Jace? Well let me just decimate your deck, then. And the ability to draw a card a turn, while milling a card, isn't bad either. Not the very best card in the set, but good for certain decks.\

In a kind of tie for this spot, I might also mention Ajani, Caller of the Pride, a decent planeswalker.


7. Duress

m14 - duress


This is a powerful card in Constructed that earns a place in side-boards of black decks, if nothing else. Typically, you don't have a lot of things to do on turn one; getting to look at your opponent's hand and wrecking his or her combo — or at least taking away their best card — is not a bad way to spend that turn.


6. Doom Blade

m14 - doom blade


This is good-old-fashioned creature removal, nothing fancy. It's not the best or most versatile, but for black decks it is still something of a staple. For side boards if nothing else. Consider that it's a quick answer to Kalonian Hydra, among a great many other things.


5. Naturalize

m14 - naturalize


In the long bygone days of Magic, Disenchant was a staple of almost every competitive deck — I mean, virtually EVERY deck had to run it — you know, a two cost spell that took out any enchantment OR artifact? Some years back, Disenchant was renamed Naturalize and made into a green spell, but that didn't make it less useful. Like some other cards on this list, it will find a place in side boards, at least.


4. Chandra's Phoenix

m14 - phoenix

I still think Chandra, Pyromaster is potentially strong, in part because her +1 ability triggers the Phoenix's "return to hand" ability. In my opinion, RDW can stage a comeback if you can pack enough good burn spells. I counted five such burn spells in Standard, all mono-red and costing less than four. So I think this is doable. For primarily red decks, the Phoenix is obviously one of the best creatures available, as it is (relatively) cheap, hasty, and has evasion. And, by coming back to hand, it gives the red player some staying power.


3. Ratchet Bomb

m14 - ratchet bomb


This artifact, though too slow in some situations, is quite good in others. It can wreck a token deck as soon as it's played. It's also strong against decks filled with one drops or two drops. Also, it's the only way a red/black player is ever going to get rid of enchantments. As long as you live long enough.


2. Mutavault

m14 - mutavault

Impressive card, as it is a 2/2 man land…. so it's a land if you need it, a 2/2 critter if you need it. If you have any tribal effects (cough, cough, slivers and dragons) it gets even better. Mono-color decks will want to pack four of these, and a sliver deck should consider one or two, even if running five colors.


1. Scavenging Ooze

m14 - ooze


In an earlier post, I had thought that the Ooze was a new card, as it never appeared in a "regular" set — just as part of a Commander deck. It turns out that it's actually a reprint, even though it will be new for many people. In any case, it is strong, as it can single-handedly wreck a reanimation deck. And in mid game, the Ooze can get bigger while giving you life. What's not to love about that?

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