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Supercharged PythonSupercharged Python - Take Your Code to the Next Level

Tapping into the full power of Python doesn’t have to be difficult. Supercharged Python is written for people who’ve learned the fundamentals of the language but want to take their skills to the next level.

“Brian Overland makes programming simple. . . . To my amazement, his books explain complicated code clearly enough for anyone to understand.”

—Art Sedighi, PhD

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Python Without Fear: A Beginner's Guide That Makes You Feel SmartPython Without Fear: A Beginner's Guide That Makes You Feel Smart (2017)

Whether you’re new to programming or moving from another language, Python Without Fear will quickly make you productive. Brian Overland’s unique approach to teaching Python includes:

- Taking you by the hand and leading you all the way from the basics to intermediate and advanced features of Python

- Explaining line by line a variety of interesting, real-world examples

- Coding dozens of fun and useful programs, including games, graphics, database applications, file storage, puzzles, and more!

- Learning how to think “Python-ically” and avoid the gotchas that plague others

Download the code for chapters 1-10 here.
Download the code for chapters 11-18 here.

C++ Without Fear: A Beginner's Guide That Makes You Feel SmartC++ Without Fear: A Beginner's Guide That Makes You Feel Smart (2016)

Have you ever wanted to learn programming? Have you ever wanted to learn the C++ language behind many of today’s hottest games, business programs, and even advanced spacecraft? C++ Without Fear, Third Edition, is the ideal way to get started. Now updated for the newest C++14 standard and the free Microsoft Visual C++ Community Edition, it will quickly make you productive with C++ even if you’ve never written a line of code!

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Download all the program code used in C++ Without Fear

Answers to Exercises, Chapters 1-6

Answers to Exercises, Chapters 7-11

Answers to Exercises, Chapters 12-16

Errata (for first printing)

C++ For the ImpatientC++ For the Impatient (2013)

The fastest way to come up to speed on the newest, advanced features of C++11. This book contains simplified explanations of the latest technology in the new C++11 spec, including lambdas, rvalue references, smart pointers, regular expressions, and more... augmented by carefully chosen examples and conceptual illustrations. This book is also a ready reference for the entire core C++ language and library. Information is organized so that it's easy to look up answers fast. Unique among books on the subject, C++ For the Impatient features a syntax summary, description, and short but relevant example for nearly every individual operator, object, and function. Finally, the book covers many of the nuances and fine points of C++ I have discovered from spending decades with the C and C++ languages. 

In short, this is a book that every serious C++ programmer could benefit from having by his or her desk. I wrote C++ For the Impatient in part because I was impatient with the descriptions I had found on the new technology in C++. I wanted to make this technology easier to read about and understand.

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C++ Without FearC++ Without Fear Second Edition (2011)

A revised and expanded version of the first edition, exploring some of the Standard Template Library (STL) as well as showing more uses of classes and objects. A lot more game programs. This is the version to get.

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C++ Without Fear

C++ Without Fear(2005)

C++ doesn't have to be painful! This is an easy-to-use guide for people with little to no experience in programming, as well as people who know another programming language (such as C or Basic) and want to get real C++ programs working, fast. This book makes strong use of examples and conceptual illustrations, as well as including graduated exercises. My goal in writing this book was to reducing the traditional fear many people have of C++ by de-mystifying the more baffling aspects of C++, especially pointers, arrays, and classes.

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Visual Basic 6 in Plain EnglishVB6 in Plain English (1998)

VB6 in Plain English is a combination tutorial and quick-reference guide to this popular version of Microsoft's Visual Basic. Overland, one of the project leads of the original version of Visual Basic (VB), uses his insider's perspective to help you master the fundamentals of VB, step by step, as well as learning advanced features such as Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and custom controls. In addition, this volume contains a concise A-Z reference to the essential language features in VB6, including the common controls included in the basic user interface (UI) design window. (Note: this version of the language is not VB.Net, but the most advanced version before Microsoft switched to the .Net architecture.

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