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Personal Archives - Brian Overland

1 April 2019
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1 April 2019, Comments: 6

  IN MEMORIUM, BETTY P.M. OVERLAND My mother was a person of contrasts. She had the most beautiful face you ever saw, but she […]

29 May 2018
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My Amazing Seahawks/Sea-gal Adventure!

29 May 2018, Comments: 0

My Amazing Seahawks/Sea-Gal Adventure!!   It's not every day I get to talk to a couple of goddesses. But I'd recommend it if you […]

23 September 2015
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Pope Francis and Me

23 September 2015, Comments: 0

They used to be members of the Unitarian Church (which is kind of where I am now), but for several decades, my parents have […]

18 February 2014
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Four People We Will Miss

18 February 2014, Comments: 2

Is it true that celebrity deaths come in waves — or does it just seem that way? And is true that only the good […]

20 August 2013
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Saying Good-Bye to Three Relatives

20 August 2013, Comments: 4

If there's a neighborhood in the United States that's more beautiful than Seattle's Green Lake area in Summer, I don't know what it is. […]