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Jonah Hill Archives - Brian Overland

6 July 2014
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Mini Film Reviews: Jump Street and X-Men

6 July 2014, Comments: 1

22 Jump Street   In Douglas Adams' classic, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the Earth is summarized with the comment, "Mostly harmless." That's what […]

28 December 2013
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Film Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

28 December 2013, Comments: 1

Orgy on Wall Street Jordan Belfort, former Wall Street tycoon, is today a successful motivational speaker. But the way he's portrayed in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf […]

14 June 2013
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This is the End: Brain-Dead Apocalypse

14 June 2013, Comments: 2

There are basically two jokes in director/star Seth Rogan's film This Is the End, and each of these provides an excuse for endless scenes in […]