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Scarlett Johansson Archives - Brian Overland

7 August 2014
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Film Review: Lucy

7 August 2014, Comments: 8

Luc Besson’s Lucy is the latest entry in the blow-your-mind sweepstakes. Thoughtful films, that offer a realistic look at history or politics, are more […]

18 January 2014
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Film Review: Her

18 January 2014, Comments: 3

Her: A Motionless Picture? All is Lost is a film about a guy alone in a boat for two hours. Her, a film nominated […]

6 October 2013
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Film Review: Don Jon

6 October 2013, Comments: 2

Don Jon is that rarity among American sex comedies: a film about real, believable people that is genuinely funny. Unlike most comedies you'll see […]